Thelymitra malvina

Common Name: Mauve-tufted sun orchidMauve-tufted Sun Orchid

Description:  Leaf linear to lanceolate, 10 – 30cm long, 6 – 20 mm wide, ribbed, erect to lax, dark green to glaucous. Inflorescence to 30 – 65cm high, 2 – 20cm – flowered. Flowers sweetly fragrant. Perianth segments to 20 mm long and 6 mm wide. Column to 6 mm long, white to blue. Midlobe hood rounded, narrowing, smooth to minutely wrinkled or bumpy, yellow. Lateral arms projected forward, ending in mauve globose tufts.

Flower colour: Blue but also white to pink, or mauve to deep violet

Flowering Time: June to September
Grows where: Grows in tall sclerophyll forest or seepage areas in heath.

Height: 30 – 65cm

Link to PlantNET New South Wales Flora Online: Mauve-tufted sun orchid


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