Bird Box

Quality nesting boxes for sale

We lost a lot of trees due to the recent storm and as a result lost suitable nesting places for our native wildlife. Tilligerry Habitat is trying to do our bit to increase the number of nesting options for the birds and animals hereabouts by creating and selling a range of nesting boxes. Our nesting boxes are made by the highly skilled Peter Rowney and come in different overall sizes and different hole sizes to accomodate various species of animal.Bird Box

You can take your pick to suit whether you wish to encourage small or large birds, possums or even sugar gliders (how cool would that be?).

Peter says that he has had enormous success with this design of box, the six he has put up around his property are all occupied. Excellent result. These boxes are true quality and only $20 each. They are available in green, green or …. ah yes …. green.

Call the Habitat on 02 4984 5677 for more details and to check on availability. 

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