Pterostylis baptistii

Common Name: King Greenhood orchid

King Greenhood Orchid

King Greenhood Orchid


Rosette leaves 4–8, ovate to oblong, 1–8 cm long, 15–25 mm wide, margins wavy or crisped; petiolate.

Flower c. 5–6 cm long, green and white with brown in the apex of the galea. Apex of galea obliquely erect to flat. Dorsal sepal acuminate. Lateral sepals loosely embracing the galea leaving a lateral gap; sinus nearly flat, notched at the centre, protruding in a prominent bulge when viewed from the side; free points linear-tapered to filiform, 20–30 mm long, reflexed. Petals broad, anterior margins often crinkled. Labellum narrow-elliptic to lanceolate, 22–27 mm long, 3.5–5 mm wide, brown, apex subacute, distal quarter protruding from the sinus in the set position.

Flower colour: Blue but also white to pink, or mauve to deep violet

Flowering Time: July to October
Grows where: Grows in moist and wet soils on sheltered slopes in sclerophyll forest, mainly coastal

Height: to 40 cm

Link to PlantNET New South Wales Flora Online: King Greenhood orchid


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