Diamond or carpet python

Scientific NameMorelia spilota

Australian Carpet Python

Australian Carpet Python

Description: Diamond python – Dark green with cream spots on each scale with larger cream spots forming diamond shapes.

Carpet Python – variable in colour pattern with variable darker edged olive bands.

Habitat: They are often found near human habitation where they perform a useful service by eating rats and other vermin. Are (semi-arboreal) tree snakes; they do not completely rely on trees, however, and are capable of moving around elsewhere. Also found in temperate grasslands with hot and dry weather.

About: Non-venomous, females are generally larger than the males. The species is oviparous, with females laying 10–50 eggs at a time. Afterwards, females coil around the eggs to protect them and keep them warm through using muscular contractions to generate heat. This type of maternal care, which is typical for pythons, ceases once the hatchlings have emerged. Described as semi-arboreal, they are largely nocturnal, climbing trees and shrubs as well as crossing open areas such as rock faces, forest floors and even roads. However, basking behaviour is commonly observed. Source: Wikipedia

SVL: 2.7 m

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