Koala looking around

Koala Sightings in and around Tilligerry Habitat

For the past six months we at the Habitat have been working on improving our record keeping of koala sightings.

Tilligerry Habitat members and visitors have been extremely helpful in reporting koala sightings and we are now producing some meaningful data. Our sightings are now recorded on the national database by Port Stephens Koalas. This helps by providing the government with proof of current koala habitat.

Koala Sightings To March 2017

Koala Sightings To March 2017

As you can see from the chart, the sightings rose significantly as we entered the summer months and we expect them to drop a little with all the rain we have been having and with the onset of the colder weather.

Unfortunately an increase in koala sightings does not necessarily mean increase in koala numbers. It does certainly represent more people looking. However, confirmed koala habitat is verified and even expanded by the sightings.

During the recording period the highest number of koalas seen at one time in the Habitat was four. This is probably the most that can be expected given the small size of the Habitat (9 hectares) and the fact that Koalas are not social animals. Males chase other males away and females will reject unwanted advances from males by fighting them off.

By maintaining and collecting this information, we have been able to track how these koalas and others travel around the area. We will continue to keep you updated with monthly koala sightings.

Beverly Rabbitt

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