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Happy Birthday for 5th July Tilligerry Habitat

In April 2013 after the 15th we suddenly found ourselves in a rash of birthday greetings. So we were 17.

We made some inquiries and it appears that the originator of the Facebook page had written our birthday as 15th April 1996. No one knows why 15th April is significant.

We conducted a quick survey and found most people thought that our birthday was probably the day the land was gazetted on 5th July 1996.

We declared that our birthday.

When 15th April rolled around this year we had another round of best wishes.

Charlie Bell tried to change the birthdate but was firmly told were under 18 so couldn’t change it.

So we decided to ask our internet patron Claire Carlton to set up a new, this time a business Facebook page which I was told does not need a birthdate.

Now we have a new one- looks the same and the birthdate is still here and it is 15th April.

We are going to try to change this when we turn 18.

We are planning a birthday cake on the 5th July and probably at the community BBQ on Sunday 13th July.

Happy Birthday for 5th July Tilligerry Habitat

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