Common scaly-foot

Scientific NamePygopus lepidopodus

Common Scaly Foot

Common Scaly Foot


Common Scaly Foot by Peter Woodard

Description: Variable, most commonly grey with three rows of large elongated blotches with vivid white edges

Habitat: Found mostly in the southern and eastern parts of Australia. Lives in long grasses, heaths, and woodlands

About: The scaly-foot is snake-like in appearance, with a noticeable “keel” or ridge on the top. Mostly active at dusk or dawn (crepuscular), it can be nocturnal after high daytime temperatures. , and is most often seen on warm mornings, foraging for food. When threatened, the scaly-foot flashes its thick, fleshy tongue, in an apparent mimicry of snakes. Source  Wikipedia

SVL: 274mm

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