Elsie and her pink mark

“Elsie” released into the Habitat

https://youtu.be/kj6CJPs1pVY Momentous week here at the…
Koala By Bandicoot Boardwalk

Koala Hidden in plain sight

Sometimes koalas hide in plain sight. That is the case here with…
Koala in Paperbark Tree

Koala in a Paperbark Tree

This koala today in the Habitat is making the best of a difficult…
Mambo wetlands protest

Land sell off prompts Mambo Wetlands Walk

In spite of the awful weather on Saturday there was a good turn…

Bower bird impresses the females

To me, bower birds are the most intriguing of birds. The male…
Female Koala with Joey?

What a short walk reveals

A short walk around the Habitat today revealed all sorts…
jigsaw puzzle

Koala Jigsaw

Enjoy Today's Puzzle ... Click on the landscape or ghost button…

Summer arrives with the Dollarbird

A personal favourite sight now summer is here is the Dollarbird.…
Koala in Tree

Koala Marks his Territory

I marked my territory recently, well at least my back garden,…

Koala Gallery

Here are some recent images of Koalas taken in Tilligerry Habitat.…