Brown tree snake

Scientific Name: Boiga irregularis

Brown Tree Snake

Brown Tree Snake

Description: Slender snake with large head and large cat like nocturnal eyes, irregular dark brown bands against cream background.

Habitat: They frequent both open and closed forests and forage over long distances (up to 3 km a day).

About: Venomous but not regarded as dangerous to humans,The brown tree snake is a nocturnal, arboreal species that uses visual and chemical cues in hunting in the tropical rainforest canopy and/or on the ground. The snake is long and slender, which facilitates its climbing ability and allows it to pass through tiny spaces in buildings, logs, and other shaded locations where it seeks refuge during daylight hours.

The brown tree snake is a generalist feeder known to eat a wide variety of foods, when threatened is highly aggressive and tends to lunge and strike the aggressor repeatedly. The snake has numerous teeth but only the last two on each side of the upper jaw have grooves, which inject venom as it bites. Therefore, the snake’s mouth must be opened as wide as possible to insert and expose their fangs. A chewing movement is used by the snake to inject the venom by means of capillary action along the grooved fangs. Source: Wikipedia

SVL: 2 m

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