Bower bird impresses the females

To me, bower birds are the most intriguing of birds. The male seems to spend his spring constructing a “bower” on the ground, hence it’s name. The structures  they make from sticks can be incredibly sophisticatedsatin bowerbird bower. These bowers are not a nest, but simply a show-off; a way of attracting a female.

The satin bower bird which is a regular visitor to the Habitat, makes an archway out of twigs and decorates the area around it with blue items. All carefully placed. I know that, because I moved one blue bottle top one day, only to return the next and see it placed carefully back in its original position. I also know our fellow prefers full cream milk (bottle tops that is) over low fat, light blue tops. He eagerly snapped up the dark blue milk bottle tops I left as enticements for him.

Satin Bowerbird

Satin Bowerbird (male)

Bower in Habitat

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