Habitat Nursery

Tilligerry Habitat Nursery

The nursery is a vital part of Tilligerry Habitat. Without it, the reserve would not be what it is today. Our volunteers collect seeds on the reserve and propagate them in the nursery. We grow seedlings until large enough to plant or sell. The goal of the nursery is to:

  • Rehabilitate degraded areas of the Habitat
  • Advise people on how to increase the presence of birds in their garden by planting local callistemons and banksias
  • Supply plants which are drought resistant and need little water
  • Support locals to plant koala food trees in their gardens and help increase the number of koalas in the area. Eucalyptus parramattensis is an ideal tree for this purpose as it does not grow as large as other gum trees
  • Provide plant material for parklands at the request of local interest groups and councils
  • Fulfill pre-orders for large volumes of plants and trees for landscapers and councils
  • Adopt policies which do not harm the environment – we use bore water, and have a worm farm
  • We encourage local involvement in our nursery and welcome volunteers
  • Support a small community garden where people can grow their own vegetables

The vast majority of plants available for sale are of local provenance, but some popular garden varieties are grown too. Notably the Gymea Lily, which is not, as is often thought, a native of the area.

  • The nursery is open 7 days from 9am to 3pm.
  • Expert advice is available Monday and Tuesday 9.00 to 3.00 or other days by appointment

Our 9 hectare reserve of the Tilligerry Habitat encompasses many different environments and is quite unique in the Port Stephen’s area. Each environment harbours a surprising variety of vegetation, from forest trees to shrubs, ferns, flowering plants. In winter and spring our wildflowers are a sight to see.

Come and talk to us!


Small Pots $5:00
Large Pots $8:00
Small Tubes $1:50
Large Tubes $2:50
Bags $5:00
Grass Trees $20:00
Small Gymeas $30:00
Large Gymeas $60:00


Tilligerry Habitat nursery


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