Acianthus caudatus

Common Name: Mayfly Orchid

Mayfly Orchid

Mayfly Orchid


Leaf 8–30 mm long, 6–20 mm wide, upper surface dark green, lower surface reddish purple.

Raceme 5–25 cm long, 1–9-flowered. Flowers 3–4 cm long, with long filamentous tips on the sepals. Dorsal sepal 1.5–4 cm long, expanded at the base, erect. Lateral sepals 1.5–2.5 cm long, expanded at the base, divergent. Petals narrow-lanceolate, 3–4.5 mm long, c. 0.8 mm wide, falcate, spreading. Labellum ovate to cuneate, 5–6 mm long, 2.5–3 mm wide, apex recurved, acuminate to long-acuminate

Flower colour: Dark purple,

Flowering Time: July to September
Grows where: Grows in low scrubs and sclerophyll forest from the coast to adjacent ranges

Height: 30 – 65cm

Link to PlantNET New South Wales Flora Online: Mayfly Orchid



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