white cheeked honeyeater

Banksia blooms feed Honeyeaters

White cheeked Honeyeaters are out in force at the moment feeding…

Tawny Frogmouth family grow up

The Tawny Frogmouth family we have been following in the Tilligerry…

November in bloom

Here are some of the blooms seen at the end of Nov…
Female Koala with Joey?

Free School Visit to the Tilligerry Habitat

A visit to the Tilligerry Habitat is an ideal free school visit.…
black cockatoo

Black Cockatoos feeding

The wonderful Black Cockatoo is a frequent visitor and we were…
Tawny chick

Tawny Frogmouth Chicks Appear

A lot of us have been watching and waiting the happenings of…
Elsie and her pink mark

“Elsie” released into the Habitat

https://youtu.be/kj6CJPs1pVY Momentous week here at the…
Koala By Bandicoot Boardwalk

Koala Hidden in plain sight

Sometimes koalas hide in plain sight. That is the case here with…
Koala in Paperbark Tree

Koala in a Paperbark Tree

This koala today in the Habitat is making the best of a difficult…
Mambo wetlands protest

Land sell off prompts Mambo Wetlands Walk

In spite of the awful weather on Saturday there was a good turn…