Tilligerry Habitat plants

Macrozamia communis

What is in bloom in March

Many  thanks to Charlie Bell, our resident expert botanist…

What is in bloom at the end of November

Here are some of the blooms seen at the end of Nov…
King Greenhood Orchid

Pterostylis baptistii

Common Name: King Greenhood orchid Description: Rosette…
Mayfly Orchid

Acianthus caudatus

Common Name: Mayfly Orchid Description: Leaf 8–30…
flying duck orchid

Caleana major

Common Name: Flying Duck Orchid Description: Leaf…
Pink Fairy Orchid

Caladenia carnea

Common Name: Pink Fairy, Pink Fingers Description:…
Nodding Greenhood

Thelymitra angustifolia

<NO IMAGE YET>   Common Name: Long-leafed sun…
Waxlip Orchid

Glossodia major

Common Name: Waxlip Orchid Description: Very slender…
Mauve-tufted Sun Orchid

Thelymitra malvina

Common Name: Mauve-tufted sun orchid Description:  Leaf…
Nodding Greenhood

Pterostylis nutans

Common Name: Nodding Greenhood, Parrot's Beak Orchid Description:…