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What is in bloom in May

Nights draw in and the cooler, fresher days are welcome. A good amount of rain this month has helped the flora whether it is in the process of flowering or dormant. We are seeing the first flush of Flannel flowers for which Tanilba Bay is named. It is the “place of white flowers” in the […]

What is in bloom in April

Many thanks to Charlie Bell, our resident expert botanist who took most of these pictures of what is in bloom in this month of April. After the previous month recovering from the extreme heat of the summer we have been experiencing consistent rain over a period of weeks. Firstly, as part of Ex-cyclone Debbie (An […]

Koala Sightings in and around Tilligerry Habitat

For the past six months we at the Habitat have been working on improving our record keeping of koala sightings. Tilligerry Habitat members and visitors have been extremely helpful in reporting koala sightings and we are now producing some meaningful data. Our sightings are now recorded on the national database by Port Stephens Koalas. This […]

What is in bloom in March

Many  thanks to Charlie Bell, our resident expert botanist who took these pictures of what is in bloom in this month of March. We are just coming out of some extreme weather conditions with a heatwave where several days of 40+ degrees took their toll on us all. ” slug=”What-is-in-bloom-in-March” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Koalas suffer in the heat

With the heatwave still continuing throughout NSW, as I write Moree is in it’s 41st consecutive day of 35 degree temperatures. This koala struggles to get comfortable in his tree. We are putting out strategically placed ice cream containers of water for the koalas. Every little helps.

Four koala day at Tilligerry Habitat

Koalas are not social animals, so it was great to see four in the Habitat today. A male and a female were in the same tree in fact. Pictured are three of the four koalas that we were able to snap. The close up shot is of a male.   Males can be recognised by having less […]

Laying back in the Tilligerry Habitat

This female koala continues to make us believe that she is carrying a joey. In the early days she would fuss over her pouch by licking it. Now, whenever she is spotted she seems to lay back on branches and never does any tree hugging. We are assuming that this is to avoid putting any […]

Three koala day at the Habitat

Koalas are really not sociable animals. They never gather together and one male will certainly chase any other males away if they come into their territory. We were lucky today to see three koalas, two females in trees quite close together, and looked after by a lone male.